Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mazatlán's lighthouse 馬薩特蘭的燈塔

Mazatlán's lighthouse, Mazatlán, Mexico
馬薩特蘭的燈塔, 位於墨西哥馬薩特蘭
Mazatlán's lighthouse (El Faro) began to shine by mid-1879. The lamp
had been handcrafted in Paris, containing a big oil lamp with mirrors
and a Fresnel lens to enhance the light.
Since the light was static, in the distance it was often mistaken for a star.
馬薩特蘭的燈塔 (薩爾瓦多法魯)起從1879年中旬開始服務。
此燈塔是在巴黎人手做的 ,其中載有一個大的鏡子油燈和菲涅耳透鏡,
以提高光線。 由於光線是靜態的,離遠看去往往被誤認為是恆星。
photos were taken on December 4, 2008

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